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Dead by Daylight Cheat

DBD Jett - Month Key

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Jett Dead by Daylight Cheat Information

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 (2004-20H2,21H1,21H2) and Windows 11
  • Supported Platforms: Works with both Steam and Epic editions
  • Language: English menu
  • Security Feature: HWID lock

Key Features:

  • Killer ESP: Detect killers with ease
  • Killer Distance: Know the distance between you and the killer
  • Survivor ESP: Locate survivors effortlessly
  • Player Distance: Gauge the distance between players
  • Hatch ESP / Distance: Locate hatches and know their distance
  • Totems ESP / Distance: Identify totems and their distance
  • Generator ESP and Repair Status: Track generators and their repair status
  • Environment Status: Monitor traps, pallets, and chests
  • Easy Skill Checks: Simplify skill checks for survivors
  • Colorful Palettes: Enhance visual cues with vibrant colors

And more features to optimize your Dead by Daylight gameplay experience.

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Q. Is Jett Cheat compatible with my operating system?
A. Jett Cheat supports Windows 10 (2004-20H2,21H1,21H2) and Windows 11.
Q. Can I use Jett Cheat with both Steam and Epic editions of Dead by Daylight?
A. Yes, Jett Cheat works seamlessly with both Steam and Epic editions.
Q. What are some key features of Jett Cheat?
A. Key features include killer and survivor ESP, distance tracking, totem and generator monitoring, easy skill checks, and vibrant color palettes.
Q. How do I install and activate Jett Cheat?
A. Simply extract the Jett loader, run it as administrator, paste your serial key, and click LOGIN. Then, launch the cheat and follow the on-screen instructions.
Q. What should I do if I encounter issues with Jett Cheat?
A. If you encounter any issues, refer to the provided troubleshooting guide or contact customer support at discord for assistance.
Q. Is there a risk of detection by other players or spectators?
A. Some features, like skillcheck mods, may be noticeable by spectators. Users should be aware of this and use such features cautiously.
Q. Can I customize the settings in Jett Cheat?
A. Yes, Jett Cheat offers customization options to tailor the experience to your preferences.
Q. Where can I find more information about Jett Cheat?
A. For more information and updates, visit our website or join our Discord community for support and discussions.
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