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EFT Arena Cheat

Valkyrie (EFT Arena) Month Key

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System Requirements

- Compatible with Intel and AMD processors.

- Supports Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.

Capture and Streaming:

- Only captures through Nvidia GeForce Experience or capture card for streamproofing.

Aimbot Features:

- Silent aimbot functionality.

- Selectable aimkey.

- Adjustable aim field of view (FOV).

- Option to target specific aimbones (e.g., head or nearest).


- Customizable ESP font size.

- AI and player box outlines.

- Health bars for AI and players.

- Display names and distances for AI and players.

- Show AI and player inventory and weapons.

- Render player direction rays.

- Customize player, AI, and boss colors.

- Highlight exfil points and their distances.

- Differentiate exfil points with unique colors.

- Display claymores and loot items with optional outline.

- Show container names and their contents.

- Customize corpse visibility and loot distance.

Miscellaneous Features:

- Speedhack with adjustable speed.

- Instant item examination.

- Ability to disable aim down sights (ADS).

- Extra lean function with adjustable offset.

- Infinite stamina option.

- Loot visibility through walls.

- Recoil modification.

- Eliminate sway and breath effects.

- Disable visor obstruction.

- Thermal vision toggle with hotkey.

- Flyhack feature with hotkey.

- Highlight enemies and local player.

- Highlight loot items and corpses.

- Display bullet tracers and quick ammo management.

- Field of view (FOV) adjustment.

- Instant FOV toggling.

- Toggle normal and aiming FOV.

- Eliminate gun inertia and malfunction.

- Disable sprint block for continuous movement.

- Time manipulation with customizable duration.

- Increase jump height and double search speed.

- Display ammo count and aim FOV.

- Show customizable crosshair.

ESP Loot Filters:

- Add items to configuration by name.

- Override distance, color, and font size for specific items.


- Adjust radar opacity.

- Customize radar size and scale.

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Q. Is Valkrie easy to use?
A. We've made every effort to ensure that this collection of cheats is user-friendly, even for those new to cheating. Upon initiating the process, you'll be asked to input your details into the loader for registration. Once completed, you can effortlessly proceed with the installation steps for your cheats.
Q. Is this cheat stream proof?
A. Yes Streamproof Only captures through Nvidia GeForce Experience or capture card for streamproofing.
Q. Do I need to disable protections and anti-virus to use the cheat?
A. Prior to embarking on the installation process of this cheat, it is imperative to undertake certain preparatory measures to ensure seamless installation. This entails the deactivation of various protective features on your computer, such as third-party antivirus software and Windows Defender. Additionally, you will need to navigate to your computer's BIOS settings to disable secure boot functionality. These steps are essential for facilitating a smooth and successful installation
Q. Can I play in fullscreen?
A. This cheat is specifically tailored for borderless mode usage. Utilizing it in fullscreen mode might result in functionality issues. It's imperative to ensure that your game settings are appropriately configured to accommodate the hack set for optimal performance.
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