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EFT Cheat

K/D Dropper AI - Day Key

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Note: This bot is designed to help reduce your K/D Ratio in EFT. Not Cheats.

When/Why do you need it?

If your K/D Ratio in Escape from Tarkov is too high, it could increase the risk of your account getting banned. Therefore, using this bot can help lower your account's total K/D Ratio and mitigate the ban risk.


  • Compatible with 16:9 resolutions
  • Automatically collects grenades
  • Lowers K/D Ratio efficiently while simulating human movements
  • Improves Health & Vitality stats
  • Increases in-game playtime
  • Very low risk of detection as it operates externally
  • Simple launcher interface
  • Automatic program updates


Customize the number of raids to participate in

Supported game modes: Borderless Full

Compatible CPUs: Intel & AMD

Compatible with Windows 10 and 11 operating systems

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Q. Is K/D Dropper AI a cheat?
A. No, K/D Dropper AI is not a cheat. It's an automated tool designed to lower your K/D ratio in Escape From Tarkov to mitigate the risk of account bans. So far we dont have report account blocked because this AI
Q. Why would I need to lower my K/D ratio?
A. Having a high K/D ratio in Escape From Tarkov could increase the risk of your account getting banned. Using K/D Dropper AI helps reduce your total K/D ratio and lowers this risk.
Q. How does K/D Dropper AI work?
A. Once configured, simply open the game and let the bot do the rest. It will automatically start raids and eliminate characters based on your settings.
Q. How do I add a new key?
A. Select option 3 "Recharge" in the loader, and provide your ID, password, and the new key.
Q. What are the supported game modes and resolutions?
A. K/D Dropper AI supports Borderless Full mode and 16:9 resolutions.
Q. What CPUs and operating systems are compatible?
A. The tool is compatible with Intel and AMD CPUs and works on Windows 10 and 11 operating systems.
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