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EFT Cheat

Den (Private EFT) - Week Key

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This EFT cheat prioritizes security, boasting a track record of never being detected and providing robust defense against anti-cheat systems. Its premium price reflects its exceptional undetectable statistics.

As a private cheat, it's relatively unknown in broader circles, which contributes to its enhanced security. Its functionality is deliberately limited to minimize the risk of bans. For inquiries regarding its features, relevance, and payment methods, please reach out to our  Discord group.

Key Information:

  • Compatible with Windows 10: All Versions.
  • Compatible with Windows 11: 21H2, 22H2, 23H2 (Beta tests ongoing, not fully tested).
  • English language menu.
  • Features HWID Lock for added security.



  • Differentiates between team and enemy players.
  • Displays bones and health status.
  • Shows distances.
  • SCAV filter for easier identification.
  • Item ESP reveals loot, including quest items and exits.
  • Grenade ESP for tactical awareness.
  • Container ESP to locate storage items.


  • Adjustable FOV (Field of View) for precise targeting.
  • Visual check (vis check) to ensure line of sight.
  • Customizable aimkey for convenience.
  • Humanized aim for natural targeting.
  • Recoil adjustment for improved shooting accuracy.
  • Silent aim for stealthy attacks.
  • Configurable bone targeting options, including head, body, arms, legs, and chest.

Miscellaneous :

  • Eliminates spread for more accurate shots.
  • Removes breath sway for steady aim.
  • Instantly examines items for quick assessment.
  • Speedhack for swift movement.
  • Loot through walls for efficient looting.
  • Fly hack for aerial exploration.
  • Multi search for versatile item scanning.
  • Prevents fall damage.
  • Unlimited stamina for extended endurance.

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Q. Is DEN PRIVATE easy to use?
A. We've made every effort to ensure that this collection of cheats is user-friendly, even for those new to cheating. Upon initiating the process, you'll be asked to input your details into the loader for registration. Once completed, you can effortlessly proceed with the installation steps for your cheats.
Q. Is this cheat stream proof?
A. Regrettably, this particular cheat lacks the capability to remain undetected while streaming. It's advisable to refrain from employing this cheat during live streams, as doing so significantly heightens the risk of being flagged and subsequently banned for engaging in hacking activities.(Not Stream Proff)
Q. Do I need to disable protections and anti-virus to use the cheat?
A. Prior to embarking on the installation process of this cheat, it is imperative to undertake certain preparatory measures to ensure seamless installation. This entails the deactivation of various protective features on your computer, such as third-party antivirus software and Windows Defender. Additionally, you will need to navigate to your computer's BIOS settings to disable secure boot functionality. These steps are essential for facilitating a smooth and successful installation experience.
Q. Can I play in fullscreen?
A. This cheat is specifically tailored for borderless mode usage. Utilizing it in fullscreen mode might result in functionality issues. It's imperative to ensure that your game settings are appropriately configured to accommodate the hack set for optimal performance.
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