Unlocking the Full Potential Issue of Our Hacks A Comprehensive Guide for Seamless Usage

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of ensuring optimal performance when employing our cheats. Even if you've diligently followed the Cheats Manual, there might still be stumbling blocks hindering your success. Let's troubleshoot together.

1) Ensuring Proper Driver Installation

Encountering issues during the startup of our loaders? It's crucial to verify that your system is equipped with the necessary programs and drivers. Ensure the seamless operation of your cheats by downloading and installing all three packages of C++—x86, x64, and ARM64. Failure to do so might render your cheats ineffective.

2015-2019 C++    [make sure install Both x86 And x64 ]

- Microsoft .NET Framework

- DirectX (or utilize the repair tool if needed)

2) Bypassing Windows Defender

Disabling Windows Defender is a pivotal step in optimizing the functionality of our cheats. Follow our instructional video meticulously to circumvent any potential obstacles posed by this security measure. Failing to uninstall or disable your antivirus software could impede the injection of our hacks into the game client.

Utilize our provided tool for a hassle-free disablement of Windows Defender.

3) Deactivating Exploit Protection (Control Flow Guard)

Watch our tutorial video for a step-by-step guide on disabling Windows Exploit Protection. This action is essential to ensure the smooth operation of our cheats.

4) Addressing Antivirus Interference

Understanding the nature of our cheats is paramount. Designed to intercept packets from the game client and circumvent anti-cheat systems like EAC (Easy Anti-Cheat) and BE (Battle Eye), they may trigger alarms in various antivirus programs. It's imperative to uninstall or disable any antivirus software to prevent it from obstructing the injection of our hacks into the game client.

Common antivirus software to consider uninstalling or disabling includes:


- Bitdefender


- Malware Bytes

- Norton

- McAfee

- Avira

- Windows Defender

5) Identifying Conflictive Programs

Certain programs, particularly those designed to counter cheating tools or aggressive software, may pose compatibility issues with our cheats. It's recommended to uninstall, rather than merely disable, the following programs:

- Any kind of Antivirus and Antimalware

- Faceit


- Riot Vanguard (Exception: If you're utilizing Valorant hacks)

- Oracle Virtual Box

- Punkbuster

- Razer Cortex

- Rivatuner

6) Disabling Hyper-V

The majority of our cheats necessitate the deactivation of Hyper-V. Refer to our article for a detailed walkthrough on disabling this feature.

7) Deactivating Secure Boot

For seamless integration with our hacks, Secure Boot must be disabled. Follow our guide to disable this feature effectively.

8) Disabling Windows Auto-Update

Automatic updates in Windows 10/11 can inadvertently disrupt the functionality of our cheats. To mitigate this issue, consider disabling Windows Auto-Update using our recommended tool.

9) Disabling Core Isolation Protection

Many of our cheats require the deactivation of Core Isolation Protection. Refer to our article for guidance on disabling this feature.

10) Utilizing WARP for Enhanced Connectivity

If connectivity issues persist, consider utilizing Cloudflare's WARP to ensure a stable connection to our servers. Download WARP from Cloudflare for optimal performance.

11) Additional Recommendations

- Always run your cheats as an Administrator for optimal functionality.

- Enable overlays or run additional programs as administrators, such as Discord or Overwolf, if prompted by the cheat. This facilitates in-game visibility.

- Prior to any purchase or support inquiry, verify the compatibility of your Windows version with our cheats on the Status page.

- Exercise caution by refraining from using primary accounts while employing cheats. We do not assume responsibility for any consequences, and refunds will not be issued.

- Stay updated on cheats/hacks developments through our website or Discord channel.

12) Resorting to a Clean Reinstallation of Windows

If all else fails, a clean reinstallation of Windows might be necessary. Refer to our guide for instructions on performing a clean OS reinstall.