Before utilizing the cheat, it's imperative to ensure that both your antivirus software and firewall are disabled to prevent any potential conflicts.

Refer to the provided video guide for comprehensive instructions on effectively utilizing the cheat.

Essential reminders:

Opt to run the game in either windowed or borderless mode, as utilizing fullscreen mode may lead to game crashes.

To ensure smooth operation, it's necessary to disable secure boot in BIOS settings.

Please note that this cheat package does not include an aimbot feature.

Prevent any potential interference by disabling Discord overlay functionality.

Troubleshooting assistance:

Before seeking external support, troubleshoot using the following steps:

Case A: Rename and subsequently delete the "etc" folder located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers.

Case B: Uninstall any external anti-cheat software and ensure secure boot is disabled in BIOS settings.

Case C: Verify that real-time protection is disabled and launch the game in either windowed or borderless mode.

Case D: Unblock DLL files as demonstrated in the provided instructional video.

Manual operation instructions:

Step 1: Begin by extracting the files and running the Tenet loader executable with administrative privileges.

ONYX EFT Arena 3

Step 2: Input the key acquired during purchase and proceed to click on LOGIN. Upon confirmation, initiate the injection process by clicking START.

Valorant Tenet 6 1

Valorant Tenet 9

Step 3: Launch the game in BORDERLESS MODE and within the lobby, activate the cheat by pressing F9. Wait for confirmation of successful injection. Use the HOME key to toggle the menu and utilize arrow keys for navigation among available options.

Valorant Tenet 2

Valorant Tenet 4