Ensure your Antivirus and Firewall are disabled before proceeding. Follow our video guide for instructions:


- Uninstall any external anticheat software like FACEIT, Esea, or Riot Vanguard to avoid error 6.

- Set your game to FULLSCREEN BORDERLESS MODE for optimal performance.

- ONYX utilizes SILENT AIM, not AIM LOCK.

- It works only in online modes, not offline.

- Recommended resolution: 1920x1080 with default Borderless mode.

Step-by-Step Instructions :

Buy ONYX (EFT + Arena)

1. Run the NEWEFT Loader as an administrator.

2. In the CMD window, enter your serial key and press ENTER. Wait for verification.

*This process may take up to 5 minutes. Do not close the window

3. Once verified, the loader will close automatically.

Proceed to the next step:

4. Open EFT. If no issues arise, you can access the menu using the INSERT key.

5. Enable/disable options by clicking on them.

Maximize your EFT experience with ONYX – the ultimate gaming companion.