Before proceeding, ensure that your antivirus software (external or Windows Defender) and firewall are disabled.

Watch the following video guide to learn how to set up Knight - APEX:

Important Notes:

  • Run the game in WINDOWED or BORDERLESS mode.
  • Do not use multiple screens.
  • Compatibility with most spoofers may be limited.
  • Hyper-V must be enabled for this project to function properly.

Step 1: Enable Hyper-V in Windows by accessing the control panel. Ensure virtualization is enabled in your system settings. Restart your device after enabling this option.

Step 2: Extract the Knight loader and run it as an administrator.

Step 3: A command prompt (CMD) window will open. Enter the key you received from the store and press ENTER. Follow the prompts to start the Hypervisor. Wait for your computer to restart.

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Step 4: After the restart, run the loader again and input your key. Another message will appear; do not close the window.

Step 5: Launch the game in BORDERLESS MODE. Once in the lobby, the menu should appear on the left side of the screen. Navigate through the options by clicking on them. Use the END key on your keyboard to open/close the menu.