Before using the cheat, ensure that both your antivirus software (external or Windows Defender) and firewall are disabled.

Follow the steps outlined below or refer to the instructional video for guidance:

Important Points to Note:

Manually select the number of raids the project will execute; it won't stop until the selected raids are completed.

The project is designed to work only on a screen resolution of 1920x1080p. Using any other resolution may cause issues. Additionally, ensure that the screen resolution is set to Scale 100%.

Set your game to Borderless Mode Full for optimal performance.

Escape From Tarkov Hack


Prepare the Game:

  • Open the game and enter the game lobby.
  • Proceed to a PMC raid equipped with one grenade (required).
  • Do not carry weapons or valuable equipment. Simply move to a raid and allow yourself to be killed once.

KD Dropper EFT Bosmudasky 4

Do not heal yourself back to full health. Finish the raid and close the game, leaving your character severely injured with heavy bleeding. AI Will Work Optimal If you have double heavy bleeding on foot, for PMC have several elite skill it will make more time to get heavy bleed.

KD Dropper EFT Bosmudasky 3

Setup K/D Dropper AI :

Run the K/D Dropper AI as administrator.

Utilizing VET EFT A Comprehensive Guide

Select option 2 to register an account.

KD Dropper EFT Bosmudasky 2

Set an ID, password, and enter the key provided to you.

Configure Settings:

Choose the mouse type movement (legit mouse movement is recommended).

Select the desired number of raids to execute (e.g., 3 as an example).

Wait for the message "Waiting for menu to be on the screen" before proceeding.

KD Dropper EFT Bosmudasky 1

Initiate the Bot:

  • Open the game once again.
  • No further actions are required from this point. The bot will automatically start a raid and initiate character elimination.
  • The bot will repeat the process for the selected number of raids.

Additional Notes:

To add a new key, select option 3 "Recharge" in the loader. Provide your ID, password, and the new key.