Before using the cheat, ensure that both your antivirus software (external or Windows Defender) and firewall are disabled from your windows.

Follow the video guide below to learn HOW TO:


  • For testing purposes, run the game in WINDOWED or BORDERLESS mode. This project does not support fullscreen mode.
  • This project requires that secure boot be disabled to function correctly.
  • WARNING: Discord overlay may interfere with cheat usage. Disable it from Discord properties.

Below is a brief list of errors and known issues encountered while using the project. If you encounter any of these issues while following the manual steps, refer back to this list to identify the cause.


Case A) Loader closes after pressing Login or Start: Navigate to C:/Windows/System32/drivers, rename the folder "etc" to something else, and delete the folder. Retry after completing this step.

If the loader still has the same issue, change your PC name with CAPITAL letters with no space in Select Start > Settings > System > About > Select Rename this PC after restarting your PC, retry the loader again.

If the issue persists, register another Windows user with CAPITAL letters and no space in Select Start > Settings > Account > Family and other users > select other users and register without a Microsoft account after registration, restart your windows and log in with the new account.

If you still have the same issue, it indicates a problem from a family member's account on your Windows, and you should delete the family member's Microsoft account from your Windows and use a personal account.

If your PC does not have any family member account, try reinstalling your Windows.

Case B) Error x1412:

This indicates an external anticheat is running or secure boot is enabled in your BIOS. Uninstall FACEIT, ESEA, or Riot Vanguard. If you're not playing Valorant, disable secure boot in BIOS before using the project.

Case B) Windows 10/11 - 22H2 VERSIONS:

If you encounter error x1412 without any anticheat present:

  • Open regedit (Registry editor).
  • Navigate to Hkey Local Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\CI\Config.
  • Create a new DWORD named VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable. Set its value to 0. If it already exists, set its value to 0.
  • Disable Core Isolation from Windows settings.
  • Restart your computer to apply changes.

hyper cheat tarkov

Case C) Game crashes after pressing F9:

Ensure you've disabled real-time protection in Windows and started the game in windowed or borderless modes. Fullscreen mode may cause crashes.

Case D) NET Framework error (common on Windows 11):

Follow a video guide to unblock DLL files, resolving the issue quickly. Unblock all DLL files to resolve NET Framework errors.

Remember to exhaust these solutions before seeking further assistance.


Step 1. Extract the Loader zip file on your PC. DO NOT place the loader exe file directly on the C drive or Desktop. Create a subfolder on the C drive and place the loader in it.
Step 2. Run the Hyperion loader executable as administrator.

Utilizing VET EFT A Comprehensive Guide

Step 3. A new window will open. Enter the key you received from the web store or Discord ticket, and click LOGIN.

Valorant Tenet 6 1

A confirmation window will appear on the right side of the screen. Click START to begin the injection process.

Valorant Tenet 9

Preparation should begin. Do not close the window until you see a message confirming to Open the game.

Step 4. Open the game in BORDERLESS MODE. Once in the game lobby, press the F9 button to inject the cheat into the game. Wait a few seconds. If successful, you should see the menu on the left side of the screen. Use the HOME button to open/close it and the arrow keys to enable/disable opt

hyper cheat tarkov