Before proceeding, ensure that both your antivirus software (external or Windows Defender) and firewall are disabled.

Refer to the following instructions to understand how to use the cheat effectively:

Important Points to Note:

  • The product does not include a dedicated loader. Instead, a unique build is created each time you input your key into the generator. Further details on this manual process will be provided.
  • Each generated build is single-use and becomes obsolete after utilization. Generate a new build (without a spoofer) whenever you need to reinject.
  • During testing, the game is operated in Borderless mode with a resolution of 1920x1080.

Step 1: Generating Your Unique Build

Begin by inputting the received key from the shop into the designated field. Then, click on "Authenticate" and select "NO SPOOFER".

ARK Survival Evolved Hack Bosmudasky 3

Note: Each generated build remains active for only 3 minutes and cannot be reused. For subsequent reinjections, download a new build.

Allow a few moments for your dedicated build to be generated. Please refrain from closing the browser during this process.

Scar Cheat Escape From Tarkov

Click the "Launch!" button to generate your build loader.

Step 2: Opening the Generated Build as Administrator

Launch the build generated, ensuring it is opened as an administrator.

Utilizing VET EFT A Comprehensive Guide

Step 3: Completing the Injection Process

A new window will appear. Allow it some time to complete the injection process.

ARK Survival Evolved Hack Bosmudasky 1

Once the operation is finished, press the space bar to close the window and proceed to the next step.

ARK Survival Evolved Hack Bosmudasky 2

Step 4: Operating Escape From Tarkov

Open Escape From Tarkov in Borderless mode. If all settings have been configured correctly, you should see the menu on the left side of the screen by pressing the INSERT button while in the game lobby. Use the same button to toggle the menu open or closed. Navigate through the menu options by clicking to enable or disable them as desired.

Scar Cheat Escape From Tarkov 2