To ensure smooth usage of Galaxy, follow these steps:


Disable your antivirus (external or Windows Defender) and Firewall before proceeding.

  •  Ensure your game runs in either Windowed or Borderless mode, as Fullscreen mode is not supported.
  •  Disable Secure Boot in your BIOS settings.

Download Defender Control:

Use Defender Control to fully disable Windows Defender and circumvent anticheat checks. Download Here!

Usage Tips:

  • Adjust aimbot settings for realism, as Apex may detect overly accurate shots.
  • Disable Discord overlay to prevent interference with the cheat.

Troubleshooting (FAQ):

 If the loader closes abruptly after login or start, rename and delete the "etc" folder in C:\Windows\System32\drivers.

Error x1412 indicates external anticheat interference or Secure Boot enabled in BIOS; resolve by uninstalling incompatible anticheat software or disabling Secure Boot.

For Windows 10/11 - 22H2 versions, address x1412 error by modifying registry settings and disabling Core Isolation.

Open regedit from windows (Registry editor)

Navigate to

  • Hkey Local Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\CI\Config\

Create a new DWORD (right clicking on the right portion of that screen) and name it VulnerableDriverBlocklistEnable , after that right click the propertioes and set to 0 it's value ,however if the file is already there, right click it properties and set the value to 0 in case it is set as 1

Disable Core Isolation

Search "Core Isolation" in your Windows Search

And DISABLE " Core Isolation " (Turning off the option, in case it is active)

Restart Computer to apply the changes.

Game crashing after pressing F9 may be due to real-time protection enabled in Windows or starting the game in Fullscreen mode; ensure these are disabled and play in Windowed or Borderless mode.

NET Framework error on Windows 11 can be resolved by unblocking DLL files as demonstrated in a provided video guide.

Manual Guide:

 Extract the files from the zip and run the Galaxy loader executable as administrator.

 Enter the key received from the store and click LOGIN.

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Confirm the injection process by clicking START.

Open the game in BORDERLESS MODE and press F9 in the game lobby to inject the cheat.

If successful, the menu should appear on the left side of the screen, accessible via the HOME button and navigable with directional arrows.

Following these steps should ensure a smooth experience with Galaxy.