In the world of competitive gaming, having an edge over your opponents can make all the difference. If you're a Counter-Strike enthusiast looking to take your gameplay to the next level, the CS2 Delta Cheat might just be what you need. In this detailed guide, we'll explore the features and benefits of this powerful tool, designed to give you the upper hand in every match.

Unlocking Superior Performance:

Counter-Strike with CS2 Delta Cheat

  • Compatibility: CS2 Delta Cheat is compatible with Windows 10 versions (1909, 2004, 20H2, 21H1, 21H2, 22H2) and offers seamless support for Windows 11.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Featuring an English menu interface, CS2 Delta Cheat ensures ease of use for all players.
  • Requirements: To harness the power of CS2 Delta Cheat, you'll need the Steam version of Counter-Strike. Please note that FACEIT is not supported.
  • Secure Access: With HWID lock functionality, your access to CS2 Delta Cheat is secure, protecting your account and ensuring fair play.

Key Features for Dominating the Battlefield:

  • Enemy ESP: Gain a tactical advantage with visual enemy position indicators.
  • Enemy Info: Stay informed with detailed enemy information, including name, health bars, and equipped weapon.
  • Aimbot with Lock-on Target: Achieve pinpoint accuracy with automatic target locking.
  • Triggerbot: Seamlessly fire upon enemies when the crosshair is on target.
  • Smoothness & FOV Control: Fine-tune your aiming experience with adjustable settings.
  • Aim Key Selector: Customize your aimbot activation key for optimal performance.
  • Aim Bone Selector: Target specific body parts for precise shots.
  • No Recoil & Spread Mods: Minimize weapon recoil and spread for improved accuracy.
  • Autopistol: Enable automatic firing with pistols for rapid successive shots.
  • Additional Features: CS2 Delta Cheat offers a range of additional functionalities to enhance your gameplay experience.

With its array of advanced features, CS2 Delta Cheat empowers players to dominate the game like never before. Elevate your gameplay, outsmart your opponents, and rise to the top of the leaderboards with this powerful tool by your side. Ready to take your Counter-Strike experience to new heights? Download CS2 Delta Cheat and unleash your full potential today.

CS2 Delta Cheat Usage Guide:

Before proceeding, ensure your antivirus software (external or Windows Defender) and firewall are disabled. Refer to the provided video guide for detailed instructions.

Important Points to Note:

Ensure the game is run in either WINDOW or BORDERLESS mode, and refrain from using multiple screens during testing.

Disable Secure BOOT and TPM in your System BIOS. Having both enabled will prevent the project from functioning. Refer to online guides for assistance in disabling these features.

Step 1Extract and launch the CS2 Delta loader as an administrator.

Counter-Strike with CS2 Delta Cheat

Step 2: Upon launching, a new CMD window will appear. Add the key received from the store and press enter.

Counter-Strike with CS2 Delta Cheat

Confirmation of the key's addition will be displayed. Proceeding will trigger a system restart, so ensure no other actions are taken until completion.

Step 3:  After the system restarts, open the game in BORDERLESS MODE without reopening the loader or reinjecting.

Upon reaching the game lobby, if the process worked correctly, press the INSERT key on your keyboard to access the menu.

Utilize the options by clicking on them to enable/disable features or make adjustments.\

Counter-Strike with CS2 Delta Cheat


The cheat remains active until the device is fully restarted. Exercise caution, as running the bypass may result in bans from other anticheat protected games if playing other titles.