Before using the Ray Cheat for Escape From Tarkov (EFT), it's crucial to disable both your Antivirus software and Firewall to prevent any potential

interference. Here are the detailed instructions and system requirements:

System Requirements:

  • CPU: INTEL and AMD
  • Compatible with all Windows 10 & 11 versions (please verify before purchase)


  • Player ESP Options: Full-range ESP for Players, Scavs, and Player Scavs, including Name, Distance, Box, Skeleton, Snap Lines, Health, and more.
  • ESP Aimbot Options: Custom Bone selection, Aim smoothing, Custom FOV size, No Recoil, No Sway, and more.
  • Miscellaneous Options: Infinite Stamina, Loot through walls, Custom Crosshair, Custom ESP colors, and toggles for FPS, TIME, and RESOLUTION.

Key Points to Consider:

Launch the game in WINDOW or BORDERLESS mode with a single-screen setup.

Activate the "ALL" function for the Item list before selecting specific options related to items on the floor.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Extract and launch the EFT Ray Loader with administrative privileges.

Escape from Tarkov Ray hack

Enter the key provided by the store and click submit.

Escape from Tarkov Ray hack

Once the status shows "Active Cheats" initiate the loading process by clicking the designated button.

Escape from Tarkov Ray hack

Launch EFT and access the menu by pressing the INSERT key in the game lobby.

Escape from Tarkov Ray hack

Navigate through the menu options to enable or disable features as desired.

Additional Notes:

Press the Delete key on your keyboard before and after entering or exiting a raid to prevent crashes, especially on certain system configurations.

This guide ensures optimal usage of the Ray Cheat for Escape From Tarkov, enhancing your gameplay experience.